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ATTENTION Tax Refund 2022 Australia – ATO

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If you are an employee your income tax is recorded under TFN that is Tax File Number and if you are a business owner or a self employee your income is recorded under ABN Which means Australian Business Number. ATO Records or track every digital transaction you made through your account. You will also have to pay GST Along with TAX Deduction under ABN in some cases. Let’s Head over to Tax Refund 2022 Australia.

Tax Refund 2022 Australia

Tax Refund 2022 Australia Explained – The Australian Taxation Office – ATO Financial year starts in the month of July. As soon as it comes you have to lodge for your tax refund. Most of the people are searching for when can i do my tax return 2022 australia? You have to lodge your tax return in the financial year in the month of July.

Tax Return 2022 Australia Start Date is from July. The best way or when to file for your tax return date would be to check your account when you log in to Mygov where your statements show “TAX READY”.  When you see this status you can go ahead and lodge for your tax.

At the end of the financial year of Australia in June you have to file for your taxes. If you have exceeded your income as per  ATO taxation slab you have to pay tax to the government, or you can file for return. The more you earn the more tax you have to pay.

$1,080 Tax Refund 2022

What I need to know about $1,080 Tax Refund 2022. According to the official website The Australian Taxation Office – ATO If you have earned AUD $87,000 in the financial year of 2021-22 you are eligible to receive a benefits of $1,080 tax offset, with an additional benefit of AUD $420 for cost of living tax offset. You can avail these benefits under LMITO – Low and Middle Income Tax Offset program.  You are eligible to receive benefits if you are an Australian resident for tax purpose and earning less than AUD $126,000.00

When is Tax Refund 2022 Australia

Let’s know When is Tax Refund 2022 Australia Tax lodging in Australia starts from the new financial year in the month of july. This year July 2022 is the new financial  year you must lodge your taxes. If you don’t you may have to bear the penalty. Many taxpayers in the country start filing for their taxes at the end of July up until July 31 when their account status shows Tax Ready. Delaying for lodging your tax could lead to a mandatory penalty. So be aware of the deadlines and stay away from defaulting. Check your Mygov account statement for more information. 

Education Tax Refund 2022 Australia

Education Tax Refund 2022 Australia – It works very differently in Australia. You are permitted to work while you are studying in Australia. But in some cases you may have to pay your tax. If you are a student or your son or daughter studying in Australia along with studying. 

If you are working then there is a TAX – FREE Threshold set up by ATO and that is AUD $18,200.00. If you exceed your tax free threshold you are entitled to pay tax. But as per Education Tax Refund 2022 Australia you can claim for refund in following things.

  • Travel expenses for study 
  • Home Study Expenses
  • Accommodation and Food
  • Computers, Library fee, desks & chairs, technical instruments – Decline in value

You can also claim dedication for self education expenses while you’re studying. There are few scholarships that are taxable. 

Many parents are asking the question : Can I claim my child’s education expenses on my taxes Australia? Answer is: The Australian Government is helping Your kids with the costs of educating. 

The Education Tax Refund provides up to 50% back on a range of your child’s overall education expenses. Refunds may be as much as AUD $397 for every child at primary school, & upto AUD $794 for every child at secondary school level.

Resident Tax Rates 2022-23

You are exempted from tax if your earning is less than AUD $18,200. As an Australian resident you are entitled to pay tax to the government once you meet your tax free threshold of AUD $18200.00 There is no tax you will have to pay until you do not exceed the threshold income. So let’s know How much is resident tax rates 2022-23 As per The Australian Taxation Office – ATO 

Important – Along with the tax rates you have to pay an additional 2% for Medicare Insurance.

Taxable Income 2022-23Tax on this Income 2022-23
AUD $18,200You are exempted from tax
AUD $18,201 – 45,00019%
AUD $45,001 – 120,00032.5%
AUD $120,001 – 180,00037%
AUD $180,001 and Above 45%

This is how the calculation works in Australia for taxation. If you are an individual and finding it difficult to manage your tax its recommended that you take help from an accountant so that you don’t have to worry about your taxes when it comes to file. 


Tax Refund 2022 Australia is a very easy process for lodging for your taxes. Important thing to remember when you enter a new financial year in the month of July it’s highly recommended that you log in to your Mygov account and check the statement if its “Tax Ready” . You can file for your taxes. That is the right time to lodge your tax. If you file your taxes electronically you should receive your taxes in 2 weeks of time. Paperwork takes time. You will have to wait for a couple of weeks to receive your taxes if you file offline.

When can I get my tax return 2022 Australia?

If you lodge your taxes electronically you should expect your tax return in 2-3 weeks. Know more here.

What is ATO lodgement dates 2022?

Tax Lodging start from financial year in the month of July. Know More Here

How much is Tax Free Threshold as per ATO?

According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Tax Free Threshold is AUD$18,200 Know more Here

For more information visit official website of ATO  

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