Summer Activities for Kids

10 Best Low Cost Summer Activities for Kids

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Here you can find the best activities for your child in summer. 10 Low Cost Summer Activities for Kids. You kid will love the 4th activity. Having activities with your kids is super fun, and memorable time spending.

Summer Activities for Kids

  1. Weekend Trip- A Baby’s Day out
  2. Have a bonfire in your garden.
  3. An Obstacle course for your child.
  4. Water day
  5. Invite other kids from neighborhood
  6. Have a movie night
  7. Do some scientific experiment at Home
  8. Make craft together with your kids
  9. Baking together with your kids

Think outside the box! Your kids ultimately just like to spend time with you, so anything you’re doing together will be fun. Here are 11 cost-friendly summer activities you’ll do with your kids this summer.

Weekend Trip- A Baby’s Day out

10 Research free or inexpensive campgrounds near you and take your kids on a weekend camping trip. If you don’t have the right gear, you’ll rent it online. Camping is great for getting the family out of the house for a pair of days.

If you can’t sacrifice a whole weekend, simply set up a tent in your backyard, and if they need to, let your kids have a sleepover within the tent, complete with books, camping stories, snacks and games. An activity like this may help get your kids out in nature and experience new scenery, also as it helps you bond with them.

Have a bonfire in your garden.

Bonfires are a classic summer activity which will get all your kids excited. If you would like to do it at home, make your own using rocks and either buy firewood at the shop or forage in your backyard for sticks. you’ll even make a meal of it by roasting hot dogs over the fire and making delicious s’mores for dessert. Bonfires are an ideal activity for a cool summer evening, and your kids will have plenty of fun sitting around the fire and making fun snacks for themselves.

An Obstacle course for your child.

Have your kids make an obstacle course outside, either during a park or in your backyard. Ariel Fulmer, mother of two and host of a parenting podcast called Baby Steps Podcast, says that the foremost cost-effective way to entertain your kids is to take a look at what’s in your home. 

I’m always trying to come up with ways to use the things that we already have to kind of foster a sense of wonder in kids without having to buy anything. Obstacle courses are great because your kids can make them using home items like cardboard boxes, books and pillows.

If you would like to take it to the next level, you’ll buy some cheap items like pool noodles, swimming rings, balloons and Hula-Hoops. Turn it into a friendly competition. Have your kids alternate running the obstacle course and time them; the winner can receive a small prize.

Your kids will celebrate finding household items to make the course, and they’ll have even more fun going to compete and see who can run the course fastest.

Water day

Enjoy a water day with your kids. Waterparks are fun, but they will be expensive. If you would like to provide your kids with some outdoor entertainment on a hot summer day, there are plenty of fun activities you can do at home, like making your own Slip N Slide.

Crafting together reusable water balloons and even building water guns with PVC pipes. Anything outdoors with kids is Super fun. Water activities will keep your kids entertained, active and funky in the sun and heat. It’s also very simple to form your own water-filled fun in the comfort of your own backyard, especially if you don’t have access to an area pool for the summer. This is a very good option.

Invite other kids from neighborhood

Host a game night for the whole family, complete with themed snacks and perhaps even some fun homemade decorations. Game nights are extremely versatile; you’ll play board games you already have or play more involved games.

like Family Feud, Jeopardy or charades, maybe even offering a prize for the winning player or team. you’ll even create your own games together. Game nights are an excellent way to bond and have fun with your kids, and it’s up to you what games you select to play and how competitive you make it.

Have a movie night

Settling down together with your family to watch a movie and munch on some popcorn never gets old. This activity is great because you’ll do it with your kids as often as you want, be it a nightly or weekly activity.

Your kids can alternate choosing movies to watch, and you’ll even take it up a notch by making some fun snacks or watching the movie outside by projecting it onto a sheet. Have some easy hacks for setting that up with a magnifying pool and bed sheet. Movie nights are versatile and fun for the full family.

Do some scientific experiment at Home

If you would like to both entertain and educate your kids, search some at-home science experiments to do together using basic household items and ingredients. These experiments are often as simple as mixing water, cornstarch and coloring to make oobleck.

It’s fun to play with, and it gives you everything you would like to teach your kids about non-Newtonian fluid while experiencing it firsthand. There are plenty of online resources you can use to find easy experiments to do at home with your kids. They’ll learn something while they need fun, and having fun together with your kids is one of the best teaching methods.

Make craft together with your kids

If you would like to do some art projects with your kids that aren’t as messy as painting, try simple crafts like drawing or making sack or sock puppets. All you would like are supplies you may already have at home such as crayons, markers, paper and glue

Versatile ideas are important. You have to be creative and find ways to repurpose and reuse things in your home. Your kids will have fun creating their own amazing artwork, and you’ll even decorate the house or their rooms with it. With these simple supplies, your kids can make different projects for days, keeping it fun although they’re using the same materials.

Some artwork, paint drawing

Go to the nearest arts and crafts store and pick out some activities for an art day for your child. You’ll get some inexpensive art supplies like small canvases, acrylic paints, finger paint and hand dye paint.

If you don’t want to shop for these things, you’ll also research how to make things like chalk and paint at home. There are numerous different art projects you and your kids can do; you can paint pictures on canvases, paint rocks and draw with chalk on the sidewalk. you’ll even take your kids outside to your backyard, park or beach and draw inspiration from nature.

Baking together with your kids

Let your kids select a baking recipe to try out together. you’ll decide how involved you want to be, and you’ll alter it depending on how old your kids are. 

You’ll buy a simple boxed mix for younger kids, or choose a more complex recipe for older kids to form from scratch. Your kids will enjoy choosing a baked good to form together, and it’ll keep them occupied and entertained from start to finish. As a bonus, the full family gets to enjoy a delicious homemade treat together.


Summer Activities for Kids. Child care costs are rising, but summer can still be filled with fun for kids.

With summer fully swinging and inflation rising rapidly, the importance of keeping your costs down is more prevalent than ever. It is often difficult to entertain children on a budget, and therefore the costs of summer camps are steadily rising. The typical cost of summer day camp in 2022 is $178.49 per day, doubling from 2021 prices.

While sleep-away camp costs $448.53 per day, tripling since last year, consistent with the American Camp Association. The value for summer camps varies and may be higher than the averages suggest, especially if you would like to send your kids to a specialized camp, like music or sports camp.

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