Apple's ios 16 iphone lockdown mode

Apple’s iOS 16 iPhone Lockdown Mode | Apple Lockdown Mode | iOS 16

Apple’s ios 16 iphone lockdown mode feature will add more layers of security, Also Apple iOS 16 came up with an amazing feature to make your iphone screen look beautiful. Know more about apple lockdown mode.

Apple has announced a new feature in iOS 16 iPhone. Taking care of the phone security, personal data, preventing cyber attacks like ercenary spyware. Let’s know what you got in iOS 16 iphone lockdown mode feature | Apple Lockdown Mode, and how to use it.

Let’s know more about Apple’s ios 16 iPhone Lockdown Mode  Feature | Apple Lockdown Mode | iOS 16 Release Date 2022

Apple Lockdown Mode

Apple’s iOS 16 New update Lockdown Mode is an extreme, Optional protection provided, as its an optional option you can consider using Apple Lockdown Mode when you believe you are targeted by cyber attack like spyware. If you turn on Apple Lockdown Mode you will have limited access to your phone due to security reasons.

This lockdown feature will be available on iOS 16 on all devices. Many people around the world become victims of cyber attack each day and year. These new features will help users to add another layer of security on Apple’s ios 16 iphone lockdown mode feature.

As an iPhone user you will have Apple’s iOS 16 iPhone lockdown mode feature.

There are 5 biggest features are coming in Apple iOS 16

  1. Message – iPhone users would be able to mark treat messages in red, you would be able to edit, unsend or delete messages in 15 minutes. 
  2. Lock Screen – You got an amazing feature to make your iPhone lock screen beautiful. In iOS 16 Update You can customize your iphone’s lock screen, You can customize font, colors, widgets and without worrying about your phone’s clock blocking your background.
  3. Notification – You will have different ways to view your notification on your iPhone how it’s going to appear on your iPhone. You can manage to view it on lockscreen or you can hide notifications entirely.
  4. Safety Check – Most importantly iOS 16 Coming with Safety Check.  This feature especially for those people who are in intimate partner violence or in domestic violence situations. This feature will help them to review or deny who has their access to apps, accounts, messages, Face Time and location. Apple has collaborated with NNEDV, NCVC, and WESNET.  Domestic violence group to build this feature.
  5. Passkey – With new  Apple’s ios 16 iphone lockdown mode feature, you don’t have to worry about remembering your passcode. You will have your Unique key created with the help of touch ID and Face ID.

iOS 16 Release Date 2022

ios 16 release date 2022. This feature will be available on iPhone 8 and above models released after 2017. Apple has announced this update publicly on their website on  June 06, 2022.  ios 16 will be available for iPhone users probably this week between June 11, 2022 to June 17, 2022. For more details you can visit Apple’s website.

Fore more information you can 

Video Courtesy by USA Today

Apple’s head of security engineering and architecture ivan Krstić said in his tweet

“Apple expands industry-leading commitment to protect users from highly targeted mercenary spyware”. Also on official website of

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