bpo interview questions and answers for freshers

Top 10 BPO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

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BPO interview questions and answers for Freshers

In this article You can most commonly ask questions during your interview in BPO – Business Process Outsourcing. You only need to go through these Top 10 BPO Interview Question and Answer for Fresher to prepare for your interview.

BPO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers PDF

Download PDF file, for bpo interview questions and answers for freshers pdf. Useful questionnaires and answers for your interview preparation to land a job in BPO Companies.

These questions and answers are very useful. We recommend you to read it again and again for better understanding of the interview questions and how to answer it effectively. You will sound more confident and professional using these answers BPO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers PDF.PDF

These BPO interview Question and answer will help you get a job in Infosys, Tech Mahindra and many other Good BPO Companies.

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BPO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

So let’s get Started with BPO interview questions and answers for Freshers.

In this article we have done very well research for you to get ready for INTERVIEW. These BPO interview question and answer for Fresher will help you get a job in a call centre.

Q1. Tell me about yourself?

Tell me something about you or Introduce yourself is the most commonly asked first question during your interview. This is the most basic common question you will get in your interview with this question. 

To answer this question, all you have to do is talk about yourself. Always answer this question with greetings. Greetings play a very important role when you are giving an interview. 


Good morning Mr. Smith. My name is John. I am 29 Years old. I Born and raised in Illinois. I studied M.A from Illinois University with first class grades. I used to take leads in various functions in College. I won a gold medal in swimming. I love swimming a lot. I have been swimming since I was 10 years old. And I’m very good at it. I also like travelling. 

I live with my parents, I am the only son in our family. My father is self-employed. My mother is a baker. She loves cooking and making home made bakery items.

BPO interview question and answer for Fresher

Above given example covers the first question of your interview. If you read the example it covers your name, where are you from, your education and what you like and your family background. 

This is one of the most commonly asked basic BPO interview questions which an interviewer would ask a fresher. The very first word or speech of your answer should be impressive enough for the interviewer, you know the first impression is very important to create a very good impact . Your answer should sum up all your qualities for the job or designation.

Q2. What is BPO?

BPO known as  Business Process Outsource. One company outsources their business to another company. It can be a different type of task: Comprises front-office, back office, customer services, tech support business functions.

When a company plans to cost effectively – to save cost on their work, mostly they outsource their business where labour cost is low. Foreign companies outsource their projects Inbound, Outbound, Chat, Support, Tech Support processes to countries like India. This is called Business Process Outsourcing.

Example  –  

Well, You can answer this question by saying BPO is a Business process outsourcing, Where we work for other companies. Mostly call centres. 

Interview ask you this question to know what your understanding is about BPO. You should know your industry very well.

Q3. Why do you want to work in a call centre job?

BPO is one of the  fastest growing segments for multiple big business brands today. So as a freshers who join now can leverage a good pedestal to boost their careers. This will further lead to a paradigm shift in helping freshers build a good future in the industry.

BPO Interview Question and Answer for Fresher

Example – 

“Technology is evolving. By joining BPO I will get to learn and know a lot of new methods in an efficient working environment, interact, communicate with different people across different countries and explore my knowledge & skills on a global platform”.

Q4 What is the difference between inbound and outbound Voice Process?

Mostly in BPO call centre jobs, There are mainly two types of voice process. Inbound and Outbound. 

Outbound Process Means 

You as an employee make a phone call to customers to provide services, sell products, feedback, etc. 

Inbound Process Means

Customers will call your company and you will be answering those calls that are called inbound processes.

Customer service jobs in a call centre include sales calls, lead generation, feedback calls, complaint calls, service calls. etc.

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Q5 Where do you see yourself in coming 3 years from now?

This is a very important question, If you were asked this question that means your interview is going well till now. Now understand the meaning of this question. HR Would want to gaze at your stability. They want to know how long you will work for them if you get selected.  Always forecast better and answer this question accordingly.

You can say. In 3 years’ time I would see myself as a part of management, where I would be leading a team, to achieve the organisation’s goal.

This way you are conveying Interviewer that not only will you serve 3 years but you will be an asset to the company and would be a good leader to achieve the company’s goal. This answer will improve your chances of getting a job. 

Q6  Why should we hire you?

To answer this question, why should I hire you? You make sure to talk about your positive points, being a fresher you can say. I am a fresher, I am very good at adopting new things, it will help me learn the process very well. I will work on completing my job responsibilities in a timely manner.

This answer will help the recruiter know that you will be willing to put in efforts to complete your task.

Or you can say

“If I get the opportunity to work in your company at this post, by using my skills and knowledge I will play an important role in driving the company;s mission. 

I am punctual, a quick learner and very honest with my work. It would be worth appointing me here”. BPO interview question and answer for Fresher.

Q7 What are strengths and weaknesses?

You can talk about what motivates you, Your strengths, You can talk about what you are good at. 

You can say, “I am punctual, I work as a team, I am collaborative, Disciplined person, and Public Speaker.

Do not say Negative things about yourself when you are discussing weakness in your interview. It creates a bad impact. You can say, I get too busy completing work.

Just keep this answer short and sweet.

Q8 What are your salary expectations?

If a recruiter asks you this question, what are your salary expectations? That means you are nearly selected. Happy for you.

To answer this question, always research how much other employees are getting for the job that you are applying for. It also depends on various factors and company policy.  As a fresher you can set expectations about how much salary you want. Company will let you know if that fits in their budget. If not they will offer you salary as per companies standard norms.

Q9 Can you work in Night shift?

You know what the answer is, right? You can answer this question as per your preference. Mostly international bpo companies work in Night shifts in India. So if you are applying for the International BPO Voice process then you can simply say I am comfortable working in Night Shift.

Q10 Do you have any questions for us?

Well, Your interview is over if you were asked this question. Recruiter just wants to know if you have any doubts or not? If you want to get into the conversation you can ask questions about Growth opportunity, Salary Increment policy. Or any question you like to ask.

Tip – Take some time to prepare for the interview, do not  be nervous. Practice a lot. Talk to your friends, Give them a practical interview assuming that you have

appeared for an interview. This will help you prepare better for the interview and get selected easily.


Above given Top 10 bpo interview question and answer for fresher. This will help you get ready for a job in bpo. Just go through these questions and answer again if you do not understand. And get a call for a job interview. Opening for BPO job Work from Home. BPO Interview Question and Answer for Fresher.

These questions and answers will also help for bpo quality analyst interview questions.

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