Added Lane Sign

D.O.T. What I Need to Know About ADDED LANE SIGN

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Added Lane Sign United States driving rules are a bit confusing. You must know the traffic rules and regulations. While you drive on the road you will come across the roadways signs. Those sign alerts with a specific action you have to take while you are driving. These signs are confusing, in this article you will know about it

What you need to know about this sign, and what is the difference with similar looking signs so that you don’t have to be confused and abide by traffic rules.

Added Lane Sign

So what is an Added Lane Sign? It is the United States regulatory roadway sign. You will come across the Added Lane Sign on the street or on the highway. This sign looks similar to other signs with different meanings. So knowing the design of the Added Lane Sign is very much important. This sign looks like a yellow color background in diamond shape, showing an Up Arrow and a merging arrow, In back color.

The image below is an Added Lane Sign image, This is how it will look on the Highways and on the streets.

  • Added Lane sign alerts drivers that a new lane will be added ahead of the road.
  • Drivers don’t need to change lanes.

Added lane sign alters drivers that a new lane will be added on the same way you are driving. You need not merge, you will have to continue driving in the same way that you are driving. This sign indicates that a new lane will be added ahed on the road. You do not have to change the lane that you are on.

 Other signs might confuse you because they look similar to each other. Like the Merge sign, Let’s clarify this now.

What Does a Merge Sign Mean

Knowing Roadways signs are very important to take proper action while you drive. What Does a Merge Sign Mean? Answer: A Merge sign is a United States regulatory roadway sign which alerts drivers that Two separate roads will merge into one road. All the traffic from different lanes will be moving on one lane. Moving in the same direfection ahead of the road.

Mostly, You will find these signs on highways. Which is separating from cities and towns. Drivers should be aware of Merge Sign. You might have to reduce your vehicle speed if you see this sign on the road. Just to make sure your driving journey is safe. And prevents accidents.

What Does a Merge Sign Look Like

You need to know what does Merge sign look like?. Answer: Merge sign looks in yellow color background in diamond shape on back arrow. Given image below is merge sign image.

What vehicles must stop at all railroad crossings

What vehicles must stop at all railroad crossings? Answer: You are required to stop your vehicle at all the railroad crossings, including Passenger vehicles, School buses and cargo vehicles carrying explosive or flammable materials, must stop all the railroad crossings. 

This is one of the questions asked during the DMV Test. So if you come across this question you know what is the right answer.


Being able to recognize what is the meaning of a pertificale roadway sign is very important as a driver. This will help you prevent accidents and drive safely. Roadway signs will help you alert and require you to take proper action when you are driving. If you like this article please share this with your friends and family and improve your learning about roadway signs.

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